Lux Jewels Wholesale Jewelry Designer in Vancouver BC Offers Custom Design Service at Cost-Effective

Vancouver, Dec 7, 2018 ( – Lux Jewels is a wholesale jewellery designer in Vancouver BC that provides custom jewellery design services at cost-effective prices. The company offers multiple diamond jewelry options, creating custom-tailored creations that meet the expectation of the customer in accordance to their design preference along with budget. The designer offers full convenience of timeliness and premium quality finish that is impeccable and spotless and enhances the overall persona and beauty of the wearer. The designs created by the company are unique, robust quality and amazing in their finish. To know more about the company and to order a jewelry specific to your custom design preference, please visit:

A jewelry is not just another accessory for a person, but an addition to their beauty and overall appearance. Diamond is precious as well as sparkling and an amazing beauty of nature. Adding it to your appearance needs to be faultless to get the fine and desired brilliant and magnificent look. What Lux Jewels do is combine the aesthetic and appealing brilliance of diamond with the artistic mastery and creative design skills to create a splendid design solution that stands out from the rest and accentuates the overall look and personality of the customer.

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What sets this company apart from others is that it incorporates ethical practices, sourcing conflict-free diamonds along with eco-friendly precious metals to give sustainable and ethical results for the customers. The wide range of jewellery options offered by the company includes custom engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, same-sex marriage jewellery, anniversary rings, diamond pendants, diamond earrings, and bracelets. The service is not limited to womens jewellery only as the company also offers custom design service for mens jewellery as well that includes rings and other accessories. The diamonds also are not just mined ones, but also Moissanite diamond simulants and man-made diamonds which are lab-grown ones that exhibit similar physical properties alike real diamonds and are as robust and quality ones.

From idea conception to the delivery of the jewellery, every aspect is taken full care of by the designer. The company has a team of experienced and adept designers who are craft experts in their specific field and complete each job with full finesse and determination. The company takes complete care towards the particular custom-design process along with timeliness delivery. If you are struggling to come to a right idea for the jewellery design, then the experts here can help you get the best design offering insightful guidance and knowledgeable assistance. In partnership with Flexiti, Lux Jewels also provide financing options to help those who want jewellery for their partner or for certain occasion but are struggling financially. The financing is a simple and instant process and is provided at low-interest rates with convenient repayment support.

About Lux Jewels

Lux Jewels is a premier wholesale custom-jewellery designer based in Vancouver, BC. The company provides full support for wide range of quality, fine and cost-effective custom-tailored jewellery including engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, anniversary rings, same-sex marriage rings, pendants, mens jewellery and much more.

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