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New York, Dec 6, 2018 ( – Connections are essential. We need them in our personal life. We need them in our professional life. People and our various relationships to them are the only things keeping the world turning. Making new connections can be daunting. We are swamped with an endless number of apps and website that are designed to make meeting people easier. They all have a different angle. There are job-seeking apps that are only for writers or only for tech-related jobs. Theres a dating app that matches you with people that hate the same things as you. Its hard to keep up with all the gimmicks. One platform that would like to take us back to simpler times is No gimmicks just direct authentic connections between people that know what theyre looking for.

More on Inewsguru: is an anonymous communication platform that uses a series of filters and keywords to only match users with relevant inquiries. Its a community where you can send out posts to advertise your business, inquire about someone elses services or make new friends who share the interests you specify. Similar to craigslist you can create a post to sell your pull out couch or rent a spare room. However, with you dont have to sift through a never-ending sea of posts searching for one that might be of interest to you. Instead as a member of you create a profile and indicate everything you need or want with your anonymous keywords. Then relevant posts are sent directly to you and you can decide if you want to respond. This method is perfect for people who dont want to be switching back and forth between multiple apps when theyre looking for a job, a new-used car, or a date to the movies on Saturday night. wants to transform the way we make connections, be it business or personal. When we reach out we have an ideal person in mind. The system allows you to the exact recipient you want to reach and as many as you want. All at once. can refine the connection down to the most particular details. You can specify recipients by location, demographic features, industry, and custom phrases. Senders also have the option to choose how many people will receive their posts and this can be adjusted at any time. gives users more control, which means youll spend less time looking and more time connecting.

Anonymous profiles also relieve some of the pressure and create an informal environment. When a post comes through your inbox that catches your eye you can reach out to the sender through direct instant messaging to get more information. wants to help people find each other in the most efficient way. If youre tired of the abyss of apps and websites check out and start reaching exactly the right people.


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