Enjoy the Surrealism of the Track ‘Lies’ Launched By the Creative Group 4.0.4

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Toronto, Dec 7, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Upcoming hip-hop group 4.0.4 with their creative brilliance has released their latest album top the audience. People cant stop obsessing over the album Restless due to the 11 mesmerizing songs that it has been loaded with. However, one track that stood out the most is Lies. It is the relativity of the song that has gained such popularity and appreciation from the audience. The track has been characterised with intensity and realism that any individual can relate to. Being from Canada they have been working hard to make their presence known to the world. No other group has gained fame in such a short time like 4.0.4.

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There is something about the lyricism of Lies that people are bound to fall in love with. The song has a soothing soundscape with fast delivery of lyrics. The song has a combination of elements from both hip-hop and R&B. The craftsman in Lies is delicate, followed by soulful music. The voice of the artists brings out the intensity of the song. The music and vocals work in unison bringing out a mesmerising soundscape that will captivate anyone.

4.0.4. is extremely popular among fans and their social media accounts such as Instagram and Soundcloud are proof of it. Some of their other hits are Saint City Senses No love Cold etc. Their music shows a creativity of blending if diverse techniques and styles which results in the creation of something new and unique for the audience. Lets hope they keep releasing such hit in the near future.

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