Working Mind Resilience Training Introduces the Working Mind App

Ocean Grove-Barwon Heads, Dec 6, 2018 ( – Working Mind Resilience Training, a company that specializes in teaching emotional resilience and skills for helping employees deal with change in the workplace, has created an app to help employees better retain the skills they learn in class.

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The Working Mind App is both innovative and intuitive. Innovative in that the skills learned in the classroom are often forgotten in the reality of the day. The App helps classroom attendees to remember and employ the skills they learned and also provides a touchstone they can go back to at any time to do a check in or refresh any of the skills they have learned.

Repetition is the key to changing a habit and so the app is really helpful in transforming a newly learned ability into a frequently used practical skill.

Course attendees are used to carrying home their notes and just as used to put them in a desk drawer never to be consulted again because in the real-world people simply dont have the time. In the digital age, though, where there are apps for breathing exercises and mindfulness, an app is a perfect way of reminding people of skills and strategies via an accepted medium.

Where it often feels like a hassle to refer back to hard copy course notes, it is not a big deal to check in with the App. Working Mind is often engaged with companies over a long period of time for a series of classes and reports that use of the app helps demonstrate better retention of the course material and builds the resilience levels between sessions. Practically said, the app shows attendees are making progress which helps them to continue with the program.

In business since 2006, Working Mind Resilience Training is an Australian provider of programs designed to improve workplace effectiveness with training to manage high-stress environments and respond positively to change.

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