New Atlantic Rapper Futuristic kid levi Drops A Latest Track ‘African Way’

Futuristic kid levi ft Tayzer Tay African Way

Atlanta, Dec 5, 2018 ( – Renowned artist Futuristic kid levi releases a sizzling new track named Futuristic kid levi ft Tayzer Tay African Way which takes hip hop and rap music genre to a whole new level. If you are true hip hop and rap lover, then this brand new Atlanta rapper Futuristic kid levi will take your breath away. This artist has expressed his thoughts and emotions through his music. His music is the dynamic mix of his own signature style, tone and theme. His music is full of raw energy and passion which will go wild on the dance floor.

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The new track Futuristic kid levi ft Tayzer Tay African Way of this professional artist Futuristic kid levi is a superb musical piece is easy to get into after listening to it a few times. The mellow yet impactful soundscape backs up the artists equally impressive vocal delivery and the expression of thoughtful and poetic ideas and concepts in a noteworthy way. There is an even melodic breakaway which gives a strong sense of structure and change within the journey. As a starting point for those music lovers who are new to this artists music, this track is a must and is more likely to get classic hip hop and rap fans addicted to his musicality.

This song has a lot of depth and is consistently provocative lyrically, forcing the listeners to think outside the box and think about the metaphors that are at work. The artists voice and energy gets more familiar by now and there is certain personality, character and weight in this track. The opening bars showcase a developing story-line that intrigues and captivates the audiences. This consummate artist really produces super-hit and flawless music which push all kinds of boundaries. He is already causing a major buzz on Facebook.

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