Terminally diagnosed Marine fights to rescue kids. Mission Impossible, ACCOMPLISHED! #GlennsWish

Tacoma, Dec 5, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Glenn Gaithers of Washington State has 3 minor children who were absconded with across the country while he endured ~400 straight days of chemo for stage4 pancreatic cancer. Through his heroic efforts, with the support of the WA courts, and ultimately local authorities in South Carolina, he has physically recovered his children ordered to be returned (ignored by absconder). He is beginning to repair the damage from their removal from his life and their home state.  Despite consistent efforts, he had not seen them for 9 months, with 5 years of attempts to destroy his parent bond. Glenn needs your help.

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Glenn is a Marine who was present for the 1982 bombing in Lebanon, has been involved in law enforcement for the last 18 years, has sacrificed for his country, his community, and his children through enormous trials, and has protected his children despite the cards being stacked against him.  He needs help getting home, getting settled, and starting the arduous process of helping his children heal from enormous trauma they have endured, through no fault of their own. Can you help Glenn and his children, and pay it forward to this heroic man and his precious children?

Glenn, assisted by a network of caring parents/relatives/friends who have experienced the devastating effects of what is often called parental alienation, or being erased from a childs life due to the negative influence of another parent or others, is seeking help for travel back to his home state. He needs help with living/health expenses for him and his children as he begins another round of chemo for his cancer which has returned. Your actions can make a difference. We CAN end this for ALL children.

Parental Alienation Solutions Organization (PASO) and affiliated entities and individuals support efforts of parents and families affected by parental alienation, which is when a parent or others attempt to destroy a childs relationship with a loving, fit, emotionally available and normal-range parent, often resulting in a childs rejection of a fit parent, and years if not a lifetime of dysfunction and disconnect from a healthy child-parent bond. PASO seeks to end this for all children and families. Contact us for how you can find or start a free physically meeting group in your area, with groups all over North America and beyond. No child should be used as a weapon in parental disputes. All children should be protected from ALL abuse. This is gender-blind & children lose healthy bonds with mothers & fathers.

Glenn Gaither: I have always been their father and will always be their father. In a world crying out for parents to be involved in childrens lives, please help Glenn be there for his children as he battles cancer.

PASO-WW: All children should be protected from all forms of abuse, all the time. Protecting children; building strong adults.

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GoFund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/terminally-ill-marine-fights-to-rescue-kids?teamInvite=jygbKZJjsrqMYBw1XobhMO3BGGfWe18OqlsbryCi1dDqMKaVOXXK1

More Info: PASOww.org (directed to FaceBook page)

Father, Glenn Gaither, Contact through Parental Alienation Solutions Organization (FaceBook grouppaso-ww)

PASO WorldWide, Bryan Hale/PASO MEDIA Ph# (480) 4425269, paso.worldwide@gmail.com, www.pasoww.org

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