I use to be a Gossiper a Liar and a Hater

Atlanta, Dec 4, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Inspiration threaded through a collection of funny, heartfelt stories. Nefretiti Morant is a self-proclaimed reformed hater. When asked about the inspiration behind Nefs Tea, the author states;

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I used to be a gossiper, a liar, and a hater, but once I realized that the people living their best lives were doing so because of their perspective, I knew I had to change my outlook.

To be more positive Nefretiti began writing inspirational words on her coffee cup each morning.  In using her words for inspiration instead of gossip, Nefs Tea was born. Years later the author began sharing Nefs Tea via the web and social media.  Living, Learning, Growing is a collection of her favorite words and the stories that inspired them. 

Nefretiti made her debut on the literary scene in 2012 as a poetry blogger. Her blog; E-books by Nefretiti featured her work as well as that of other up and coming artist. A firm believer of giving back and pursuing one’s dreams; Nefretiti has since created; Literary Links, Reader’s Cove and Shout Out Ur Biz to give authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs the support and coveted recognition, that is needed while dream chasing.

After graduating High School Nefretiti attended the University of Pittsburgh. During her leisure time, she wrote and share her poetry with friends. Upon graduating Nefretiti started a career as a caseworker for New York City’s Department of Social Services. She remained there for ten years before deciding to indulge her love for writing.  A poet at heart; Nefertitis interesting word play , and jazzy writing style has gained her thousands of followers, and features in such publications as; Poetry Soup, Write Like A Wizard, and Bajan Sun Magazine.  Always an optimist and a believer in inspiring others, one can head over to www.nefwrites.com to purchase Living, Learning, Growing; Sips of Inspiration. 

Nefretiti A. Morant

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