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Fun Fantasy Ritual

Phoenix, Nov 26, 2018 ( – Fun Fantasy Ritual is on a mission to bring romance back!

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The founders, Dana Lam and Martin Kupper are romantic and business partners.  Early on in their relationship, Martin created a fun idea for him and Dana to use as a way to ensure their relationship would be unlike any other either of them had experience before.  Its called the Fun Fantasy Ritual or FFR.

FFR has fueled our relationship with inspiration, the element of surprise, adventure and excitement.

Martin created a playful contract that we each signed and once a month each get to experience the rush of planning a secret for our partner. Once a month we experience the pleasure of being reminded of how much the other person appreciates us.

Wed love to inspire your audience with a few fun, inexpensive ways to recreate that fresh new spark in their relationship! Our goal is help couples feel less stress when it comes to planning romance, surprise and adventure in their relationship.

Couples can get started with the FFR Challenge of planning one surprise date a month for their partner for three months.

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We have truly enjoyed participating in Fun Fantasy Ritual.  I wasnt sure my husband would want to participate as I already plan dates and surprise him regularly.  So I put the ball in his court and was shocked he wanted to participate.  We had a lot of fun and he says he hopes we continue doing it monthly. 
“When we started FFR 3 months ago, I felt our bond was pretty tight.  However, by participating, it has brought us even closer together.  We can get into ruts and comfortable and then that can lead to taking each other for granted.   So that being said, I learned things about my husband that I had forgotten, and I now have a deeper love for him.   

“I recommend FFR to everyone who needs some spark in their life or to just reconnect.  Get out of your rut, hold yourself accountable, and try
Fun Fantasy Ritual. ~ Melinda

Fun Fantasy Ritual helped get my boyfriend and me out of the boring dating rut.  After participating for a few months, we are more creative and trying new restaurants, going to local festivals, and just being on the lookout for ideas to surprise each other.  Best of all, I dont have to nag my boyfriend to plan something because we just rotate back and forth and know whos turn it is.   FFR has definitely sparked more FUN into our four-year relationship!  ~Christina

We are passionate about helping couples to be the Happiest Couples They Know.  Our desire is for couples to stay together and it starts with making the romantic relationship a priority.  From experience, we realize this can be challenging with or without children and thats why we provide great resources that can help couples and families.

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