Hip Hop star FrthQuarterEnt Presents a Fresh Fusion of Hip-Hop and Rap in his Song ’60 on the block’

60 on the block

Indianapolis, Nov 22, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – FrthQuarterEnt is a famous Hip-Hop artist creating a glistening soundscape. He is also known by the name Aljaamil Walker. The quality at which he presents all his songs is worth tuning in for. His music has a strong lyrical presence and is a good party music. Due to his dedication towards music he has got a strong foothold in the music industry. His songs are mainly based on Hip-Hop and Rap genre. He has recently dropped his new Hip-Hop track 60 on the block. This song offers a modern Hip-Hop rhythm and vibe. The brightness of the song leaves a memorable mark on the mind of the listeners.

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Indianapolis Hip Hop star FrthQuarterEnts track 60 on the block has a definite structure and simple yet effective hook. The Rap track will surely uplift your mood. The shortness of the track suggests several plays by the listeners. The high energy of the leading voice adds to the beauty of the track. The vibes created by the beats are on point. Every effect and instrument works well for the track. The music of the track 60 on the block is smooth with a mellow energy in it.

The musicality of the track 60 on the block is very good offering fast beats. The beats are fresh and unique adding an essence of Hip-Hop music and Rap music. The melodic parts at the beginning of the song 60 on the block are important as it creates the ambiance. This became memorable to listeners. Once the Rap starts there are a lot of details to explore. Other Hip-Hop hits by FrthQuarterEnt are Whole Alotta, Grind Boy Groove, Grinding Time. Check SoundCloud for his latest hits. Find and follow him on social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter for the latest events and releases.

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