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Dallas, Nov 21, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – There is a new voice in the music scene which is creating some waves in popular music platforms. An aspiring Dallas rap artist named TRVPDEE is driving the fans wild with his smashing hip hop and rap blends. This young artist of 19 years old is very dedicated and passionate towards creating music. He is determined to leave a mark in the music industry. He has worked hard to produce every lyric and verses of his tracks. His music is all about his past or his current situation. If you are a hardcore hip hop and rap fan, then this artist will not disappoint you.

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The artist TRVPDEE offers a laid-back approach towards modern fusing hip hop with rap beats in a carefree way that suits the simple echo and the loop of the musical backdrop pretty well. You get a fairly good idea of what to expect from this artist through his track STAY THE SAME- WOOD$ X TRVPDEE which seems to fit quite well among the bulk of mainstream hip hop and rap releases of late. His tracks are already streaming on popular platforms like Instagram and YouTube. In terms of production, you get a recognizable vibe from the track and the crisp synths appear soaked in reverb and create a dreamlike ambience.

The artist has taken the opportunity to showcase his personality, approach and his thought and concepts. The rhythm, the pace and the style of delivery all of this weave their way throughout and around the soundscape. The free-flowing energy feels pretty genuine and uplifting and the overall performance suits the mood and theme of his tracks. There is a slight haunting energy to the instrumentation and backdrop and it makes sure that his music is unforgettable among the listeners.  The engaging lyricism and clever wordplay will get you hooked to this artists work.

Check out the latest track of TRVPDEE : https://soundcloud.com/trvpdee360/staythesame



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