Enjoy the Rhythm in the Track ‘12 Good Good’ By Brooklyn, United States Upcoming Artist Dionne Blaiz

Dionne Blaize  12 Good Good

Brookhaven, Nov 14, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Dionne Blaize is one of the eminent artists in the music world. She is a singer, songwriter, and dancer.  Her music is a fusion of Caribbean, soul, pop, and R&B. Her new track 12 Good Good belongs to Dance and EDM genre. The hook has the rhythm and the song again fuses with the lyrics and the melody which gives off dramatic and intense energy. The backdrops in the composition are fairly minimalist, it also comes through a nostalgic quality. All the elements in the track are beautifully crafted and tuned which gives the whole thing the biggest possible output and it connects quite easily with the audience.

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The lyrics in the track 12 Good Good by Brooklyn, United States upcoming artist Dionne Blaize Dionne Blaize is crafted beautifully. As the song progresses the soundscape in the track becomes thick and full. The simplicity in the track makes it more attractive to the listeners. The musical beats in the track create a perfect environment. The build-up and the drops hit with subtle but certain strength. As the track ends the listeners miss the color and warmth of its presence. It is a stunning track which evolves in a hugely satisfying way that brings collectively the melancholy and freshness as it is played by the listeners. You can listen to her tracks on Soundcloud.

Dionne Blaizes track 12 Good Good is incredibly impressive from a production perspective. There are certain elements of quirkiness that works well to give the artist a signature sound. The aura of the track surrounds the listeners more and more. The vocal part in the track is stunning, emotionally poignant and holds close to the underlying sentiments of the song in a genuinely entrancing way. To get more updates about her upcoming music then follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Click the track link & enjoy this music :  https://soundcloud.com/dionneblaize29/12-good-good

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