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King of Prussia, Nov 12, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Yvng Leaf has started his career at a very early age and is striving to make good music. This young rapper of fifteen from Pennsylvania, United States is turning heads with his mesmerizing beats in his tracks. He is known as the King of Prussia, United States. His songs belong to Alternative Rap genre. His first project Afterlife was a huge hit created to show people his diversity as a rapper. This album shows what he can do as a young artist. His goal is to bring a change in the world with his refreshing music and he is working hard to make his music better every day. His playlist Afterlife has five tracks in total. All tracks belong to Hip-Hop and Rap genre.

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Pennsylvania Hip Hop artist, Yvng Leaf has recently dropped his new track Feal which is a song of Hip-Hop and Rap genre. Yvng Leaf creates his music in a way which is different from everything else. His specialty lies in fusing the classic Rap elements in every song. His music is not just heard but listeners feel his music and they are also able to relate to it. His new track Feal inspires the youth and it helps to change the way young generation look up to the rappers. He has become famous amongst the young generation.

Yvng leafs playlist Afterlife is a pretty huge release which contains the songs Whats Real, Electric Vibes and three more. Mediocre offerings cannot make it in the industry. It needs proper skill and capability of an artist to make a track popular. Yvng Leaf has got the skill as a rapper. His tracks effectively fuse mellow ambiance of the Hip-Hop and classic Rap elements. Visit SoundCloud for other hits like Blue Like Avatar. He has released his songs via Hotbox Homies/Rotation Records. To know more, follow him on Instagram.


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