CONFIRMED: ‘Wakanda’ Inspired by Kikuyu Tribe Says Evidence From Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Creator


Atlanta, Nov 3, 2018 ( – 2018 witnessed an ‘enlightening election season’ among researchers campaigning for votes on which African culture deserves credit for inspiring the fifty-year-old story that became the #1 Movie in the world! Many opinions were cast in favour of DR Congo due to its coltan, South Africa for the languages used in the Black Panther movie, Haiti with its iridium history and even the Fang Tribe and Native Americans received honourable mentions for having the word Wakanda in there in languages. But now the votes are in and the Wakanda Elections are officially over! After reviewing all the educational opinions and interpretations of independent researchers all year, it seems the strongest evidence available comes directly from the original creator of Black Panther comic himself, Jack Kirby.

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For clarity, the 2018 movie is irrelevant to uncovering the true inspiration of Wakandas history. One simply needs to revisit the 1978 January comic book issue #7 where Jack Kirby’s mind was clearly focused on presenting the origins of things. In this issue, the main story of Vibranium and flashback of Wakanda’s origin was first introduced to the world. To confirm this quickly, It helps to check the Marvel-Wiki database because you will see the three most relevant points written in green letters. These are the only three points needed to decode Jack Kirbys inspiration for Wakandas history as they beautifully establish a respectable theme of ‘honouring or remembering one’s roots’.

First Point Vibraniums main story & flashback

The Marvel Database credits this issue for providing the Main story & Flashback of vibranium, which created Wakanda. This means without vibranium, there can be no Wakanda. So vibranium itself inspired Wakanda (a long established fact of the Marvel universe). However, the true origin of vibranium has been the great mystery which left the door open to suggestion for many years, until now.

Second Point Jiru Character (First Appearance)

As a comic artist, one of the highest honours you can bestow on somebody is to create or name an entire character after them. Thats exactly what Jack Kirby did for the Jiru Clan of the Gikuyu Nation who live on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. One may think this could be a mere coincidence. That is until you close the comic book and realize this is also the first issue where the Gikuyu style of traditional dress attire was featured several times on the cover. Still coincidence? In real life, the Jiru clan are the protectors of Mt. Kenyas secret artefacts and sacred wisdom. Their traditional narrative of how their homeland Mt. Kenya was formed says Mount Kenya was formed after a Star known as riuki (literally meaning the stone that came from outer space) hit the earths surface millions of years ago. Sound familiar? Of course, this is exactly the main storyline of vibranium. During Jack Kirbys African studies he became enlightened to the Jiru Clan. He introduced the authentic Jiru Clan story to Marvel fans in the form of a fictitious vibranium meteorite and gave them several artistic credits to the tribe in the same issue. The drawings speak volumes to the integrity Jack Kirby displayed in his work. To put any doubt to rest, Riuki is the name of the meteorite rock which the Jiru clan hold sacred like vibranium. It is only found in two places in the world. Mt. Kenya and Antarctica. According to the Marvel-Wiki database, vibranium is also only found in two places. Wakanda and Antarctica. 

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Third Point Bashenga (First Appearance)

In all of Wakandas history, Bashenga is the only known King of Wakanda besides TChalla and his father TChaka. Thats because he was the very first King and interestingly enough, he was first introduced during this same comic issue. So its safe to say this 1978 January issue was a unique issue because it turned out to be a book of official Black Panther History Credits. It shows you clearly, the history of TChalla originates with Bashenga. The origin of Wakanda originates from the vibranium meteorite and the history of the vibranium meteorite narrative originated from the Jiru people of Mt. Kenya, a mountain regarded by millions as Mt. Zion (there is linguistic and artifactual evidence to support that idea).

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