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Las Vegas, Oct 17, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – In the early days of Julian Rouas Paris the owner, Franck Rouas partnered with Sharon Stone to release a scent called Sharon.

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Rouas has been playing tennis since age six. He was very passionate about the sport so he began to play professionally and eventually ranked 600th in the world. He coached the Prince of Monaco Albert ll, and Princess Stephanie before being granted the right to organize both the Zepter Monte Carlo Golf & Tennis Tournaments.

When Rouas moved from his hometown of Nice, France to Los Angeles, California he got to know a few of the local celebrities personally. A local French newspaper called Nice Matin mentioned that he moved to L.A. with only seven-hundred dollars in his pocket and his tennis racket.

Rouas offered tennis lessons to celebrities like; David Soul, Al Capone, Frank Stalone, Silvester Stalone, and Sharon Stone, in exchange for a place to stay. Rouas affectionately became known as “The Tennis Coach of Hollywood”.

Franck Rouas met Joseph Rubino, whom you may also know as Master Nose and/or Nose of Grasse. Rouas found a passion for perfume after the scent reminded him of his Grandmother. His Grandmother was always there for him, and she passed away when he was only sixteen. Rouas learned that the most cherished memories are often triggered by a single scent. Julian Rouas Paris created a few luxury fragrances and in 2007 Sharon Stone partnered with the brand to release Sharon.

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What is the distance between Los Angeles, California and Nice, France?

-Approximately 6,059

JRP Corporate Governance

Franck ROUAS; Worldwide CEO, Designer & Founder

Fabrice OBLINGER; Worldwide CEO/COO/CFO, President & Co-Founder

Marie Therese COUET LANNES; Worldwide COO/CCO/CFO & Honorific Co-Founder

Beverly Hills Gold 24k GoldSwing  Private Collection for Women left Sharon Stone right Franck RouasThe Jackson Family Tribute Collection

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