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Los Angeles, Oct 9, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Julian Rouas Paris Brands has been designing and creating luxury fragrances for many, many years. If you’re not familiar they are the creators of Versailles, Swing Perfume de Golf, LA City, Beverly Hills Gold, and Jet Set. The late Joseph Walter Jackson, and Katerine Jackson; parents of the King of Pop, first teamed up with the brand in 2012. When they announced the release of The Jackson Family Tribute Collection, in Las Vegas. They are now getting prepared to launch, Eau de Paris gold 24 carats in partnership with Jackson Family Foundation. 

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Introducing Julian Rouas Paris Brands & Beverly Hills Fashion Paris Corporate Governance

Julian Rouas; Worldwide CEO, Designer & Founder 

-Fabrice Oblinger; Worldwide CEO, COO, CFO, President & Co-Founder

-Marie Therese Couet-Lannes; Worldwide CCO, CFO & Honorific Co-Founder

The group will be hosting a launch event for their new perfume line. Eau de Paris gold 24 carats, Christmas Day 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. Money from distributors sales will go towards marketing worldwide and ten per cent will be donated to Unicef to open more safe havens for children.

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