Couples in Lancaster Say Social Media Problems Led Them to Get Counseling

Lancaster, Oct 5, 2018 ( – Social media is everywhere and used by almost everyone on a daily, if not hourly basis. Most of us are slightly obsessed with our phones, tablets, and laptops. Because social media is so prevalent in our lives, its important to recognize the impact it has on our personal relationships. Some psychologists say addiction to screen media can actually be harmful to a marriage or romantic partnership.

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Sun Point Wellness Center has seen many couples come into their offices in Lancaster, PA seeking therapy to work through common challenges that result in social media distractions. We see marriages literally devastated by the over-use and abuse of social media, says Laura Morse, counselor and Executive Director of Sun Point Wellness. Issues around privacy, infidelity, and distraction from the relationship are very common.

While social media interference could be considered first world problems they can cause real wreckage in a marriage or romantic partnership. Below are a few of the most common problems resulting from overuse of social media.

Privacy and Oversharing

When it comes to privacy within a couple, social media has changed everything. People are encouraged by likes to share intimate, personal or shocking details about their lives to the world. From posts about what was for dinner, to rants about a recent argument with a spouse, every communication is rewarded by friends with smiles or empathy. If one or both partners tend to overshare on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it can lead to spats over trust and intimacy.

Bringing Social Media to Bed

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Most people cannot resist the urge to check social media in bed. Unfortunately one qui,ck visit to Facebook often turns into a stream of photo checking, comment posting and reading the irresistible relative posts that pop up. This can force a wedge between a couple in the bedroom.

Social Media and texting can also lead to secret flirtations with others online. While many would not consider this cheating by the classic definition, it can create a romantic distraction that brings up questions of trust.

Research shows excessive use of computers in bed can also lead to lapses in concentration, sleep deprivation, intimacy issues, and sexual problems between a couple.



The days of giving our partner our undivided attention are nearly gone. We are constantly distracted by the new posts, news and calls coming in on our smartphones. It is reported at least 60% of people dining in a restaurant have their phones within arms reach. Most will check the device at least once during the meal. Others become completely preoccupied by social media while ignoring friends at the table.

When we have our heads dipped, and our focus firmly on the electronics device in our hands, it leaves our partner virtually alone. In this way, the distraction of social media can take a toll on our romantic relationships. On the occasions we should be bonding with our significant other, we absent or lost in world of texts and photos.

Our team of therapists have specifically designed counseling sessions that help couples overcome addiction to social media, says Laura Morse. Spending a few hours with a therapist can create positive, life-changing results for couples.

Holistic, compassionate therapy can rebuild connections to save an embattled relationship. The counselors and therapists at Sun Point Wellness Center can guide individuals beyond obstacles within their marriage or romantic partnership. Whether the problems arise from social media abuse, depression, addiction, infidelity or PTSD, the professionals there can help. Couples in Lancaster, PA interested in scheduling a counseling session can contact a therapist at for a free consultation. 

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