Luke Bakhuizen Partners with Sony to Promote a new 4K Action Camera

New South Wales, Oct 4, 2018 ( – Paragliding is one of many adventurous travelers bucket list and documenting every moment is something that everyone shouldnt forget. All best shots are a dream come true for all paragliding enthusiastsand this requires a feature-packed tool. Photographer and pilot Luke Bakhuizen has partnered with Sony to promote thier new 4K Action Camera. One of his first videos for the promotion was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. Bakhuizen used an electronic gimbal with the Sony Action Camera attached behind his paraglider. This allowed him to capture perfectly stable footage for social media promotion.

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Luke Bakhuizen built the device that houses the Sony 4K action camera, which is believed to be the only system of its kind. Unlikeother paragliding chase cameras, this product is far different. It has an electronic stabilization device to allow the camera to record drone-like smooth footage.One impressive feature is the aesthetic and responsive design. The arrow with a gimbal and Sony 4k action camera is attached to the rear lines of the paraglider and held back by a windsock.

Whats even more interesting about the 4K Action Camera is that it can be remotely activated via Wi-Fi. It can be set to record at specific times during the flight. Bakhuizen is further developing the chase camera product to sell on the market with the help of an experienced engineer. He produced a promotional video for Sonyusing the chase cameragibal system and posted it on Instagram where it received more than 370,000 views. With the fascinating shots and unique photos, Bakhuizen has been contracted to produce more videos for Sony via his Instagram profile.

Luke Bakhuizen uses custom chase camera design to capture exciting and majestic shots. This is specially tailored to avid travelers who dream to catch a perfect photo during paragliding. This allows all adventurous enthusiasts to take the shots of their goals.

About Luke Bakhuizen:

Luke Bakhuizen had an interest in art and photography at a young age. Having a father who was an artist, Bakhuizen found the same passion. At the age of 13, he bought his first DSLR and used it to photograph engaging shots from wildlife on his African safaris to travels throughout Europe. One of his biggest interests in life has been aviation. Along with his journey to pursue his dreams to become a paraglider and commercial pilot, he used his camera to capture the views from above. Every image from above had a wow factor that engaged his following on Instagram and other social media. It really inspired him to pursue photography and filmmaking as a career.

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For further details about Sony 4k Action Camera or chase camera design, please feel free to visit To see the complete design in action everyone can also go to

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