Groove to Slim Shetty and Captain Fuse’s Energetic Official Music Video ‘Naach Na Shaane’

Naach Na Shaane

Mumbai, Oct 4, 2018 ( – Versatile artists Slim Shetty and Captain Fuse has come with a dynamic and new music video Naach Na Shaane [Official Music Video]. This music video is produced by Fabform Media in association of Aisen Speakers and directed by an NGO organisation named The Dharavi Project. It also features by Kirthi Shetty a.k.a Mawali as well as Mumbai Ki Rani a.k.a Malishka. This video is produced by Pratiek Mehta and Vishal Mull and edited by Revolt Art Technology. Get ready to get hyped and groove superb musicality of this video and add it to your Ganpati Visarjan playlist.

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This visually attractive and vigorous music video is filled with a lot of funky beats and feel-good vibes. It will make you leave your seat and lose control on the dance floor. The creativity incorporated in this video is immense which keeps you involved throughout. The unstoppable artisticality and the engaging lyricism complement each other from the start to the end and leave the audiences wanting more. Lyrically and rhythmically the music video Naach Na Shaane [Official Music Video] offer you something to groove to.

The wordplay, the impactful beats and rhythms and the hooks in this music video also create a surreal and club-like atmospheric ambience. The eclecticism in the music and the dance moves make this video more appealing. The synth riffs and the instrumentation surround the whole room and transport you to a whole new world. The amazing performance of the artists rises and falls and really works well with the overall mood and theme of the video.

As the music video progresses it fills the room with rising energy and funky aura. The flow of the rap verses is really worth noting. The mellow vocal performance will make you lose yourself and drown in it. The manic energy and the intensely gritty beats will help you to hype to this video. The vibrant soundscape brings a soulful touch and underlines the uniqueness and the compelling musicality of this video. Each and every element in this video is on point. Want to enjoy this dance video then head over to The Comic Wallah on YouTube. For more of their latest releases, follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook .

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