The Passionate Mr.Jackson made us Nostalgic with His Latest Track ‘Rainfall’

Rainfall by Mr Jackson

Oceanside, Sep 24, 2018 ( – If you are passionate about music then Mr. Jackson is someone you are acquainted with. Hailing from Oceanside, United states he is a star on the rise. His song Rainfall is incredibly popular among the youths. He is not someone to be mixed with other artists as he style is quite diverse from others. Even though it falls under the category of hip-hop and rap it has hits of romanticism in it. Coming from a modest background he is a self-made man. He is extremely close to his family and has a strong connection with them. It is this love that gets reflected in his songs.

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His song Rainfall is unique on its own. Its unlike any hip-hop song you have heard before. Though it is mainly categorized as hip-hop its sinful melancholic melody blends it with romanticism. You cant help but get lost to those nostalgic rainy days thinking about your loved ones. Even though it is hip-hop rather than having that upbeat feature it has a melodious rhythm to it. It is a kind of song that makes you want to hit repeat time and again. The song starts with slow piano music incorporated with punctual beats. The slow rhythmic melody goes throughout and the lyrical rap takes the turn in two verses. The lyric is so intellectual and thoughtful that it would relate to anyone and everyone.

Mr. Jackson with his one of a kind music talent stands apart from other hip-hop artists. He doesnt have a particular style but rather composes anything that speaks to him. Rainfall represents him at his best. His music has no limitation. It is a blend of different styles. He has active social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He has a good fan base and keeps a humble relationship with them.

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