Adrian Rubin Announces The Launch of His Adrian Rubin Foundation

Philadelphia, Sep 20, 2018 ( – Today Adrian Rubin announced the beginning of his annual Adrian Rubin Foundation Scholarship, eligible starting immediately to all high school seniors planning to attend college as well as those already attending university who have at least a year left in their program. His hope is that this scholarship will help the next generation of tech experts and entrepreneurs get a head start and eliminate some of the debt that can follow these students for years. To that end, he has set aside $1000 to be awarded to the student whose essay submission most exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit he has come to embody.

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As Adrian Rubin sees it, automation is the way of the future and should be the focus of those with the skillset to implement change. He has always believed that society has an obligation to invest in the youth who are pursuing an education in fields of immediate benefit to their communities. He feels that technology is just such a field and has made numerous investments in the next generation of brilliant minds. As Adrian sees it, we are on the precipice of the next great change in human existence. He hopes that his Adrian Rubin Foundation will play a small part in advancing this ideology.

About Adrian Rubin:

Adrian Rubin is a successful Philadelphia area technology expert with a demonstrated passion for machine learning and the so-called Internet of Things. He has spent years researching ways for information to be gathered, transmitted, analyzed and utilized without relying on human input. He believes that automation offers humans the tools to take civilization to the next level, and if properly harnessed may solve all of the problems of the day. To that end, Adrian Rubin refers to IoT as the fourth Industrial Revolution.


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