Composer Vita Music Eclectically Redefines the New wave Techno Sounds


Florida City, Sep 15, 2018 ( – Instrumental music lovers has the best reasons to register with SoundCloud for the new and innovative composer named VITA MUSIC is all set with some sensational tracks on the gala. The New Jersey based high school student has already given signs of his stardom with the beautifully composed singles that encompass elements of techno sounds and other new wave genres like synthwave, vaporwave and spacewave. His debut single Rise is a track based on alternative rock sounds and the best part of it is that it evokes deep emotions with its captivating soundscape without any lyrics.  The charismatic use of drum blended with alt rock elements sets the tone for the single.

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VITA MUSIC creates tracks that are emotionally loaded and tells story even though only instrumentals. He makes maximum use of synth based sounds that makes his compositions different from others. There is a unique style of the composer that will hook listeners through the singles. Another single Euphoric feeling is a very energetic track perfect to set the mood for dance parties. Vita uses different instruments to create this track, right from drum and bass to  melodies created out of synthesizer makes this single very alluring. Apart from mastering over techno music and alt rock, VITA MUSICs ‘Trap (Ped)’ is an exciting single blended with the essential elements of trip hop. The loud background music is well balanced with subtle melodies and this element makes the track more interesting.

VITA MUSICs latest single is an extended version of Trap (ped)‘. This version is even more energetic in comparison to the earlier one. Currently he is working on more new projects that are expected to be available on SoundCloud very soon. If you are really willing to experience something extraordinary and phenomenal in music, log onto to SoundCloud and enter into VITAL MUSICs gallery.

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Trapped Extended


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