The Kcoin Blockchain, A Business Dedicated Blockchain Ecosystem

Miami, Sep 6, 2018 ( – The current blockchains in the marketplace are not private enough to be business dedicated Blockchain Ecosystems. They were built to be public, or in other words, there is no access control; anyone can be a node and participate in voting decisions. They are completely decentralized; there is no governing body, so anyone could mine or buy a coin. The problem with public blockchains is that they are slow to make transactions, they consume enormous amounts of energy, there isnt a trusted party to keep up or maintain and improve the blockchain ecosystem, anyone can deploy a technology on top that could break or tremendously reduce its performance and they are also a completely decentralized structure that could put at risk a companys information, procedures or data breach regulations. All these aspects of public blockchain ecosystems make it very difficult for corporations to deploy their current infrastructures onto public blockchains. Therefore, we decided to launch the initiative of the Kcoin business blockchain ecosystem ( Kcoin Blockchain has come a long way, we have been able to deploy a private and secure blockchain for corporations to use including the best technologies developed in the industry. Let me explains what we have built so far.

Kcoin as a blockchain technology is a hybrid between private and public blockchains:

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  • You control who can join the ecosystem with KYC
  • Capability to mine Kcoins coins and Spinoff Blockchains like PHB, TOB, MKT
  • Capability to launch ERC20 tokens inside your ecosystem.
  • Capability to deploy smart contracts
  • A layer of master nodes for additional security.
  • Token Presale Platform to help companies fund themselves.

How will Kcoin acquire value:

The Kcoin ecosystem was designed to be duplicated and optimized for each different private ecosystem. What I mean by that is that we will create spinoffs of the Kcoin Blockchain for the following industries: Marketing, Finance, Education, IOT, Authentication, Media and more. All the spinoffs will be able to receive payments with Kcoins and will have the ability to use Kcoins Business tools that are already under development (Exchange, Skcoin-smart contracts, token presale platform, Expert KYC, Incentivized invitation Tool, Air Drop tool) as well as launch their own coins or tokens on any of our existing Kcoin spinoffs. We thought of the spinoff idea because large corporations want to maintain control and independence, but are not willing to invest millions of dollars into developing a blockchain ecosystem from scratch. That is why we are having success with this model. Let me share an update of what is already happening in the Kcoin business blockchain ecosystem.

We have been working with partner businesses that are launching ecosystems on spinoffs of the Kcoin blockchain ecosystem, some companies are Vdance, Public Healthcare Blockchain (PHB), STO Sherpas, Crowd Capital Partners, dClinic, Point Verified, Treasures of Blockchain (TOB).

  • Point Verify was the first working blockchain application developed on top of the Kcoin. This tool records on the Kcoin blockchain your degree only if Northwestern University verifies its authenticity. It is a 2-way peer-to-peer transaction in which the Alumni enters a degree to be validated by the School; as soon as the School validates the degree, a smart contract records the data on the blockchain. This tool also encrypts the data, so you can retrieve it using a private key, maintaining your information private and shareable only if the alumni provide the private key. Point Verified plans to provide validation APIs for 3rd party websites like LinkedIn or Recruiters in order to prove you are actually a graduate. This innovation will help combat the Fake Degree business, which in the US alone sells over 100,000 fake university degrees per year. Thanks to our advisors, Linda Darragh, and Sarit Markovic, we are closely working with Northwestern University on this project. The NW Registrars Office is putting together a group of students to help us further develop and test the platform.

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  • The PHB ecosystem is a Public Healthcare Blockchain that spun off the Kcoin Blockchain. It is independent and is adapted to comply with healthcare data regulations in different countries, such as HIPAA, SAS70, PCI in America; the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) and the Personal Data Privacy Laws in Asia-Pacific. The benefit for Kcoin is that that the PHB coin will be part of the same exchange and can be merge mined with Kcoin; this means that every time you mine a Kcoin, you will also receive a PHB coin, which will increase your chances of monetizing in any one of these new blockchain technologies. PHB has an active VC funding offer to complete the software; it also has interested businesses like io that want to be users of the PHB Blockchain platform, with their committed funds and industry experts to help us complete PHB.

  • Smart Sherpas Group is a FinTech pilot project, which includes the STO Sherpas platform and Smart Sherpas advisory arm. Both STO Sherpas & Smart Sherpas will become instrumental in the process of onboarding new members onto K-Coin Blockchain. STO Sherpas (a.k.a. Security Token Offering Sherpas) is a platform and a marketplace, which enables established businesses and start-ups to realize their full potential by issuing regulatory-compliant Security Tokens to raise debt or equity funding.Smart Sherpas will be established as an advisory arm to focus on the development of exotic non-vanilla Smart Securities (SmartSec), which are powered by smart contracts on K-Coin Blockchain. Smart Sherpa will offer legal, technology, investment banking and marketing consulting services to established business which fall below the bar of traditional investments bankers, i.e. small-cap companies traditionally serviced by midmarket IB firms. Smart Sherpas Group is spearheaded by Gene Swinton, a recent Executive MBA program graduate from Kellogg Global Network and is currently soliciting for early-stage funding among private investors with the intent to launch its own ICO/STO before the end of 2018.

The Kcoin project has found a niche in this new high-tech industry of the blockchain. With its unique view of blockchain solutions for private businesses, a good team, great advisors, Kelloggs global network, and many followers, we will keep innovating and sharing with our community all these new tools that will help businesses adapt to the blockchain.

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