Feel the Eclectic Vibes in Coq Freisenberger’s New Electronic Single ‘Synth Jam 18090302’

Coq Freisenberger

Los Angeles, Sep 7, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Amongst many music genres, electronic music is one of the most popular genres that have been widely appreciated all around the globe. Especially this genre is mostly preferred by dance music lovers for its elements refuel energy amongst dance enthusiast. Recently, one new composer named Coq Freisenberger from California is the main reason behind the increasing engagement in SoundCloud. The artists SoundCloud gallery is loaded with uncountable singles that are based on electronic genre yet differs from one another. Coq has released his singles under the label named Rebel Mothership Studios and his latest single Synth Jam 18090302 is taking the world music arena by storm.

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Artist Coq is well versed with the change that has been taking place in the electronic music domain. His music pieces are strong, loaded with gritty music yet perfectly jammed using the best instruments and techno sound beats. His music pieces are based on the theme peoples quest for immortality knowing that nothing can beat the inevitable power of death. The post music electronic genre is his base and this is what makes him different from other electronic music composers. Some of his avant-garde compositions that have received overwhelming responses on Soundcloud are New Blues w/Pomann Diggs”, an album loaded with bundle of singles, Summertime Bluzz, Ode to Edo and every track available on his SoundCloud gallery.

The single Synth Jam 18090302 is an amazing track that portrays the mastery of the composer in the electronic genre.  Through this the artist tries to captivate listeners into a enticing music journey. Be it the editing, amalgamation of music notes or the rhythmic flow, the single is truly a masterpiece.  Currently Coq is working on more tracks that are soon going to be available on SoundCloud. For collaborations and business enquiries email russand@hotmail.com.

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